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Semester 5 Software Engineering (SE) Materials

GTU MCA Semester 5 students can download all the Powerpoint presentations (ppt) slides for Software Engineering (SE) subject. These slides covers all the chapters of SE and you can use it for reading. Please note that here I have shared all the chapters slides but some of them might be not in our syllabus so be careful with that.

Lecture slides

Chapter 1Software & Software Engineering
Chapter 2Process Models
Chapter 3Agile Development
Chapter 4Principles that Guide Practice
Chapter 5Understanding Requirements
Chapter 6Requirements Modeling I
Chapter 7Requirements Modeling II
Chapter 9Architectural Design
Chapter 10Component-Level Design
Chapter 11User Interface Design
Chapter 12Pattern-Based Design
Chapter 13WebApp Design
Chapter 14Quality Concepts
Chapter 15Review Techniques
Chapter 16Software Quality Assurance
Chapter 17Software Testing Strategies
Chapter 18Testing Conventional Applications
Chapter 19Testing Object-Oriented Applications
Chapter 21Formal Modeling and Verification
Chapter 23Product Metrics
Chapter 25Process and Project Metrics
Chapter 26Estimation for Software Projects
Chapter 27Project Scheduling
Chapter 28Risk Analysis

Download this SE materials and share it with your friends and be success in exams!

Source of This Materials:

GTU MCA Semester 5 Exam Papers

GTU MCA Semester 5 Question Papers

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GTU MCA Syllabus

Syllabus is a summary of particular subject written by the University or the person who will guide the complete subject.It will include the topics which are in the subject.It will be helpful to both the student and the faculty who are guiding the students in particular subject.   

Here Syllabus of GTU MCA is describe for first four semester of MCA with all subject. 

It is in PDF format to view this Syllabus you need to install Adobe Reader.

Microsoft Visio For Project Documentation

Visio is a microsoft tool that facilitates object oriented design using UML(Unified Modeling Language).This tools runs efficiently on Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 8 and many more operating system.It helps to create UML diagrams.It also hels in generating C#,C++, or Visual Basic code for UML Diagrams.Visio provides an environment for the creation of drawing and diagrams.Good library for symbols and shapes.   

The English language version of Microsoft visio comes with two sets of templates 1).US units and 2). MetricUnits.US units are used in the US measurement system, such as inches,feet,yards and miles.If you want create some diagram in metric units or in US units than you need to install both the sets of template. 

In 1990 developer from Aldus Corp. formed their own software company.They founded Shareware Corp. based in seattle, WA.In 1992 First version of visio 1.0 is released.In 1995 name of the company is changed to Visio Corp.  

The current version of Visio is Microsoft Visio 2010 for windows only.There are mainly three Edition of Visio like 
  • Visio Standard : Designed for General Businesses.  
  • Visio Professional : Designed for Software Industry.
  • Visio Technical : Designed for Engineering and technology businesses.

It provide very good layouts and templates for designing new drawing with advance functionality that's make the product very user friendly.

Following are the types of diagram and drawing available in Microsoft Visio are

  • Use Case Diagram
  • Class Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram
  • Object Diagram
  • Communication Diagram
  • Package Diagram
  • State Machine Diagram
  • Deployment Diagram
  • Timing Diagram
  • Flow Charts
  • UML
  • Database Model Diagram

After integration with the Microsoft we can easily read and write many file formats like .VSD for Diagram, .VDX for XML Diagram etc.  

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