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About Author

Kothari Keval D.

Keval is a 22 year old guy, currently living in Jamnagar, India. He is an addicted Web  Developer, Computer Enthusiast, Professional Blogger and Search Engine Optimizer (SEO).

I have completed my BCA and perusing MCA from GTU (Gujarat Technological University) 

How I Started Blogging?

I was started GtuGuru in Jun 2010 just after completing my BCA (Bachelor Of Computer Application). I had started learning and understanding latest web technologies like HTML, JQuery, PHP, CSS and JavaScript equipped my self with an excellent art of web Development. I am now a web developer by all rights without having taken any professional training and has 2 year web development experience in

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Achievements In My Life? 

2007-’08  Won Full Attendance Award.
2008-’09  Won Best Co-Operative Student Award.
2008-’09 Won Appreciation Award for securing 1st position in paper      presentation held at Geetanjali College, Rajkot on topic “Hacking & Cracking”.
2009-’10  Work as Secretory of Computer Club and Published Magazine of Club.
2009-’10  Won IT Faciliater of The College Award. 
2010-’11  Has Secured 1st position in MCA I-Semester in College and 67th rank in GTU. 
2011-2012  Awarded as an Out Performer of the year in MCA
2011-2012 Secured First position in IT Quiz  in Invoke 2012 (A National level competition held at Jamnagar) 
2011-2012 Secured Second position in Paper Presentation in Invoke 2012 (A National level competition held at Jamnagar) . Presentation topic- Cloud Computing.
2012 Secured first position in Tech Visionary (an IT skit) in Inspire 2012 held at C.K Pithawala Engineering College Surat .

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