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GTU Result Evaluation System

Want to understand  GTU Grade System? You might have questions that what is CPI and SPI and what is the grade indicates, so here simple understanding of GTU Result Evaluation System is given. This GTU Result  System is common for all MBA, MCA, Engineering and other GTU students.

GTU Result

Total marks of 70% + 30% will be added by GTU and grade will be given below.

Marks Grade SPI Credits
85-100 AA 10
75-84 AB 09
65-74 BB 08
55-64 BC 07
45-54 CC 06
40-44 CD 05
35-39 DD 04
<35 FF 00


Example: suppose a student in a semester has achieved following credit : Subjects
by student

For the
Ci * Gi
1 Subject-a 5 AA 10 50
2 Subject-b 5 AB 09 45
3 Subject-c 5 BC 07 35
4 Subject-d 6 BC 07 42
5 Subject-e 6 CC 06 36
6 Subject-f 3 DD 04 12
ΣCi 30 ΣCiGi 220

SPI = ΣCiGi / ΣCi = 220/30 = 7.33

How CPI (cumulative performance index) is Calculated?

Similarly CPI (Cumulative Performance Index) will be calculated by same formula, but for the sum of being over all the courses taken in current and preceding semester. However, in calculating CPI, any fail grade which the student might have earned but has subsequently passed will be replaced by passing grade in the subject. The SPI of the corresponding semester will however continue to reflect such failures and will not be recalculated.

Class and Distinction etc. will be awarded for the degree on the bases of CPI.

SPI or CPI to Percentage Converter:

One of my friend has developed C Program to convert SPI to percentage which I am sharing with you.  You can Download SPI conversion program. When you completes download and execute the program you get following screen which prompt you to enter SPI.

Enter your SPI if you want to calculate percentage of any semester or enter your CPI to calculate your aggregate percentage. When you enters the CPI or SPI and then press enter it shows the following screen with your percentage.

SPI to Percentage

Give credit to developer of this program by visiting their website


Kinjal Shah said...

The Grade System of GTU (Gujarat Technological University) is unique and interesting. It also includes CPI Evaluation based on SPI per semester.

shiv said...

Good work hiren and keval....
All the best for you future.

Nirav Radia said...

on what basis this program work....i think there is some mistake in it....plz refer the latest notification by GTU indicating that Percentage=(CPI-0.5)*100...

yvs vamsi krishna said...

Thanks for posting the nice details,its really a very good information
ssc result 2015

Yadav Tejas said...

I don't understood that students pass very easily the science of 11 &12 std. But they fail in gtu when the science paper are harder than gtu?

rajandesai said...

If smone got 10 cpi or cgpi
How many percntage was count???
There is a no one have the up to 95?????
Gtu calculatr

yvs vamsi krishna said...

Thanks for posting the exact details,its really a good information
cbse result 2016

yvs vamsi krishna said...

Thanks for providing a good details,its a nice information
icse results 2016

GTU Student said...

you are proving superup info i have checked its not that much good

Unknown said...

when gtu result for mca will be announced for sem 5th, sem 4th for remedial 2017 exam

Dhruv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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